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Call for an appointment in Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, or Alpine! 432-741-3339

Beltone patients remain the most satisfied because our family goes beyond what's expected in the healthcare industry. We frequently visit the homes of patients to make their hearing aid maintenance easier. With this unpredictable Texas weather, we often have patients that enjoy our complimentary home visits. By choosing our Beltone family, you're choosing a lifetime of individualized attention, not just for your hearing instruments but for you as well. We enjoy what we do here at Beltone and we know it's an honor to be given the opportunity to take care of you and your family.

If you're looking for the best in hearing care, we invite you to discover the Beltone Difference. We as a team decided a long time ago that the way we conduct our clinics is the way we conduct ourselves; with integrity and drive. We listen to feedback and adjust, we treat our patients as if they were our own family member coming to us for help. We are on your team.

The hearing exam is free. We'll first show you if your hearing trouble is hearing loss- it could just be wax. If it is wax, we will remove it free of charge. If you've got hearing loss, we will show you what we see ourselves. We can determine together the best course of action after looking at your options. You can try our tiniest, most advanced hearing aids right here in the clinic!

We are truly partners in hearing health. With our compassionate hearing care team, you will feel comfortable with learning about and solving your hearing needs.

Another thing that is unique to us is our comprehensive aftercare plan. Scheduling regular hearing maintenance is done for you so that you don't have to think about when your next appointment will be or if you've forgotten to arrange a future follow up appointment. Follow up care is free and we will call you to check on you; we really want to SHOW you that you have a partner going forward.

Beltone Midland, TX is more than just a place to buy hearing aids. At a & d morgan inc, we are your hearing care partner - right beside you every step of the way on your journey to better hearing.

We invest in research and development to continually bring you new products and improve the ones we have. Beltone hearing aids, apps, and accessories are designed to integrate seamlessly into daily life and accommodate each patient's unique lifestyle and preferences.

At Beltone Midland, TX, hearing tests are always complimentary and include a comprehensive hearing assessment and consultation with a hearing care professional.

Schedule yours today.

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Beltone Testimonials

Sherry Palmer:
"My screening experience was exceptional. I knew I had a hearing deficit but was blown away at my low level of word comprehension. The clarity of hearing with the demo Amaze was profound."
Julia Martin:
"I would tell others how easy Beltone was and the difference in being able to hear and knowing what you couldn't hear. You would be able to discern birds and different trees and what a siren sounds like to be in a car."
Michael Valovcin:
"The professionalism, understanding, care, consideration, and reassurance exhibited by the Hearing Professional, were nothing short of outstanding. In addition, once you purchase the hearing aids designed for your personal needs, Beltone does not leave you on your own to adjust to them."
Jeffrey Koivu:
"This is a real game changer. I had one to try out for a week, and I must say that I was quite pleased with the MyPAL Pro. Throw in the easy access to Beltone hearing specialists, and a lifetime of care, and it was perhaps the smartest purchase I've ever made."

Meet the Beltone Midland, TX Staff

Garrett Morgan

Owner, Hearing Instrument Specialist, and Beltone patient himself!

Here in West Texas, the Beltone Hearing Centers are family-owned and operated. Garrett Morgan and his wife Kristi are the owners. They've got two young sons, Avery and Dax, and a dog, Zoey. This family experience is what sets them apart from others and is the foundation of how their staff operates. This is a family that loves West Texas and loves helping people hear.

If you step in any of the Beltones in West Texas you'll experience for yourself this passion the family has of helping others with the ability to regain hearing. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the Beltone family; and they treat you like family.

Dr. Jeanne Stone is an invaluable asset to the Beltone team. Dr. Stone became interested in helping people with hearing loss after her daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss as an infant. Her personal experience with hearing loss in a family member has helped her to become an advocate for families who are affected by a loss in a family member. Dr. Stone received a Doctor of Audiology Degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). Having previously attended Lubbock Christian University, Dr. Stone earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sciences and Master of Education in Secondary Education. She was a teacher and a coach before deciding to return to school and pursue her degree in audiology. She is a member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and received the Survivor Award from the TTUHSC Department of Audiology. Her husband is Aaron and they have three daughters: Lynlee, Rylan, and Piper.

Darilyn Selby, Patient Care Coordinator, Midland Clinic

Darilyn has fostered countless relationships with the patients and their families. Always ready to meet the call, Darilyn can always be relied upon to meet the needs of each unique situation. Darilyn has a special way of relating to the patients and a wealth of wisdom to share with her teammates. Before joining the Beltone staff, Darilyn taught pre-school. The patience and instruction she practiced in the classroom are both the same qualities that make her a great Patience Care Coordinator. At church is where Darilyn first met the owners of Beltone and having her join the staff has been a true blessing.

Randa Valle, Support Staff, Insurance and Payments Guru

In an age where health insurance is constantly changing, Randa is a treasure to have on the team. There is a resource that can't be bought and its name is TIME, and Randa saves our patients so much of it because of her service and experience with insurance companies. Randa is the reason Beltone Hearing Center accepts insurance when so many others don't-her time and energy is invested in making sure this important aspect of hearing health is done right. When you choose Beltone Hearing Center, you are choosing personal care and attention; you are choosing a helping hand to guide you through the process; you are choosing knowledge, efficiency, and experience. You are choosing Randa Valle, Insurance and Payments Guru!

Esmeralda Gonzales, Compañero Para El Cuidado De Pacientes

En Texas tenemos una gran población hispana y es muy importante que nos aseguremos de que estén cómodos. Esmeralda sabe que las personas con pérdida auditiva necesitan que hable despacio. Algunos de los pacientes no saben qué preguntas hacer, pero Esmeralda sabe qué preguntar al médico. Ella entiende que usted necesita a alguien para contestar el teléfono cuando tenga una pregunta sobre sus audífonos. Esmeralda es la mujer que ves en el comercial de Beltone en televisión. Tiene mucha experiencia en ayudar a su familia a obtener ayuda. Nunca había estado en la televisión, pero ella fue valiente y fue a la televisión porque ella sabe que es muy importante decirle a la comunidad sobre Beltone Hearing Center. Su abuela es una paciente del Beltone Hearing Center y ahora puede escuchar a su familia y hablar por teléfono. Beltone Hearing Center tiene un teléfono especial para familias que hablan español. El examen de audición es gratis. La consulta es gratis. La eliminación de la cera del oído es gratis. Por favor llame a Esmeralda a este número de teléfono: (432) 235-1474

Nathan Gothan, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Nathan is who the patients ask for when they have a technical question and it's because he is a know-it-all in the best sense of the word. Nathan, though young, knows more about hearing technology and innovation than most seasoned hearing aid dispensers. This is because he is always wanting to learn all he can learn about a product. Not only does Nathan know how the hearing istrument works, but he has gone the extra mile so that he can know how it's made, who can it help, and how can it be applied to his patient's specific lifestyle. Nathan can decipher what adjustment a hearing aid needs simply by listening for key words in his patients' follow-up appointment. Nathan loves working through obstacles and finding solutions. When he first arrived for his interview with Beltone Hearing Center, he said he was a go-getter. He hasn't let his team down. He really is a go-getter. Nathan travels hours to get to parts of Texas that have no hearing health providers (Fort Davis, TX and surrounding) and he does this because he has a drive you don't often see in young people. From home visits to nursing homes and from clinic to clinic, Nathan makes sure he has face time with his patients, personally. Nathan will service any hearing aid from any company, and he will do it free of charge. Nathan is often asked if he is the owner's son, and though he is no relation to the owner, he surely is family.

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