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Your local Hearing Aid Center beltone hearing aid center, Scottsbluff, NE 69361

If you're looking for the best in hearing care, we invite you to discover the Beltone Difference. It starts by making sure hearing trouble is actually hearing loss – many times it's not. If it is, you can try the tiniest and most advanced hearing aids you'll find anywhere – right here in the office. Add to that our compassionate hearing care and comprehensive aftercare, and you'll understand why Beltone patients are so satisfied. By choosing Beltone, you're assured a lifetime of individualized attention – for you and your hearing instruments.

Beltone Scottsbluff, NE is more than just a place to buy hearing aids. At beltone hearing aid center, we are your hearing care partner - right beside you every step of the way on your journey to better hearing.

We invest in research and development to continually bring you new products and improve the ones we have. Beltone hearing aids, apps, and accessories are designed to integrate seamlessly into daily life and accommodate each patient's unique lifestyle and preferences.

At Beltone Scottsbluff, NE, hearing tests are always complimentary and include a comprehensive hearing assessment and consultation with a hearing care professional.

Schedule yours today.

Call 308 632-5633 or fill out our form to request your free hearing test appointment at Beltone SCOTTSBLUFF, NE.

Beltone Testimonials

Sherry Palmer:
"My screening experience was exceptional. I knew I had a hearing deficit but was blown away at my low level of word comprehension. The clarity of hearing with the demo Amaze was profound."
Julia Martin:
"I would tell others how easy Beltone was and the difference in being able to hear and knowing what you couldn't hear. You would be able to discern birds and different trees and what a siren sounds like to be in a car."
Michael Valovcin:
"The professionalism, understanding, care, consideration, and reassurance exhibited by the Hearing Professional, were nothing short of outstanding. In addition, once you purchase the hearing aids designed for your personal needs, Beltone does not leave you on your own to adjust to them."
Jeffrey Koivu:
"This is a real game changer. I had one to try out for a week, and I must say that I was quite pleased with the MyPAL Pro. Throw in the easy access to Beltone hearing specialists, and a lifetime of care, and it was perhaps the smartest purchase I've ever made."

Meet the Beltone Scottsbluff, NE Staff

Ronald Lyle Miller


Board Certified Hearing Aid Science

The Miller family has taken care of the hard of hearing in WY and NE since 1946. Ron started in 1970 in Casper, Wyoming. In 1979 opened a new office in Scottsbluff, NE and Cheyenne, WY with over 16 service centers each month. With his wife Kay, they have recently also opened an office in Wickenburg, AZ.

With Beltone's superior products and software we can keep up with our patients hearing loss for a longer period of time. Our goal with our patients start after they are fit. Our free BelCare service is not only in our office but at any Beltone office in US and many countries. We take pride in serving our patients with many types of hearing loss for over 67 years thru 3 generations.

Ron is licensed in WY, NE and AZ and is a member of the National Hearing Aid Society. He has also proudly won 4 Beltone "Region of Merit" awards.

Kay L Miller

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Science

Kay has been with Beltone since 1984 with over 29 years of experience. She works with her husband Ron in all aspects of the business and also covers the Lusk, Newcastle, Gillette, Sundance, Chadron, Crawford, Gordon, and Oshkosh. She stops at all these towns monthly. Kay likes to learn as much as she can about her patients in order to successfully fit them with the perfect device.

Kay is Licensed in WY, NE, and AZ.

Chad Blackburn B.S-HIS

Chad graduated in 2011 from the University of Wyoming with his B.S. in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences.

Chad was raised in the Scottsbluff area, where he was always interested in the hearing field. He received his training after college with Beltone in Suncity, Scottsdale and Glendale, Arizonia. Chad is very knowlegeable in Hearing Aid Science and programming. Patients like his patience and one on one intereactions. Chad is part of the 4th Generation at this Beltone office.

Chad is Licenced in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Arizona.

Kelly V Correll

Hearing Instrument Specialist BC-HIS

Kelly started in 2001. Kelly runs and oversees the Cheyenne, WY office. She also has monthly hearing clinics in Laramie, Wheatland and Torrington, WY. Kelly is moving up in all aspects of the Beltone business. Her dedication with her clients and staff is commendable. She is proud to offer flexible appointments and make house calls.

Kelly is licensed in WY and NE. She also serves on the Wyoming Board of Hearing.

Roberta Bergin

Patient Care Coordinator

Roberta and Kelly are dedicated to your hearing needs. Roberta has been Cheyenne's Patient Care Coordinator since 1989. She is extremely compassionate individual who takes a personal interest in every patient. Roberta is loved by our clients.

Jeri Ross

Administrative Assistant

Jeri is our newest staff member, starting in June 2013. She was brought in for her computer skills as well as insurance claim coordinator. She has worked in the healthcare field for 8 years. Her experience makes her a good asset to our office. She has a great personality and brings enthusiasm to her job.

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