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About Us

Founded in 1940 in Chicago, IL, Beltone Electronics Corporation is an established leader in the hearing care industry, committed to developing advanced technology, focusing on patient needs, and enhancing the hearing care experience. Beltone’s focus on the patient is a driving force in all its business activities, whether it be developing new products, testing and fitting hearing instruments and hearing aids, or providing for a better in-office experience.

Beltone Electronics Corporation, along with its hearing care network, has received patient satisfaction ratings in the 90th percentile for products and service. Beltone proudly continues its long history as the most trusted brand in the hearing care industry among adults 50 and older.

Today, Beltone is one of the largest producers of hearing instruments and hearing aids. Beltone products are fit through an independent hearing care network serving patients in over 1,500 locations throughout North America. In addition, Beltone products are distributed in 27 countries spanning five continents.

Owners Dan and Jean Fletcher were both born and raised in the Detroit Area. Dan has been with Beltone, fitting hearing aids since 1989. They purchased their first office in 1998 and have expanded to twenty-five offices throughout Michigan and Ohio.

Dan is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences with a BA from Eastern Michigan University. He has served on the Board of Hearing Licensing in Lansing, Michigan, and is a member of BC-HIS. Dan has obtained every award that the Beltone Corporation offers including The President’s Cup. However, Dan and Jean are most proud of the “Circle of Excellence Award” given to the practice with the highest patient satisfaction; which they have earned 4 consecutive years.

“Our Mission Statement is to treat each patient as if we were treating a dear loved one,” Mr. Fletcher says, “and all of our employees must sign an agreement to treat them that way.”

Deeply involved in their community, they are active members of their church and spend their nonworking hours raising their three children.

Start by calling 734 282-7991 for a state-of-the-art hearing evaluation. Our screenings are always free. Or, simply click here to make an appointment. All of us here at SOUND HEARING, INC. look forward to showing you how easy it can be to love your hearing!

Beltone Testimonials

For 75 years, Beltone has been dedicated to setting the highest standards when it comes to helping people regain their hearing. We've changed the lives of millions of people experiencing hearing loss by providing the most comprehensive, personalized care available - featuring products that have constantly set the tone for innovation.

Of course we could tell you how great we are, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear what these patients have to say about their experience with Beltone.

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Here at Beltone, we know how important good hearing is to the health and happiness of our patients. Hearing clearly keeps us connected with friends and loved ones, aware of our surroundings, and independent. Also, by keeping the brain properly stimulated, good hearing may lower our risk for Alzheimer's disease, depression and balance issues.

Our mission doesn't stop with finding just the right hearing instrument for each patient we serve. It continues with making sure you're totally comfortable with your hearing instruments in every way. Visit Beltone soon! And join the ranks of the “happily hearing”.

Meet Our Staff

Susan Giles

Senior Master Hearing Care Practitioner

Susan Giles is a Senior Master Hearing Care Practitioner. She is an expert at customizing a solution for those with hearing loss and has helped thousands of people from all walks of life. Susan is known to give first class care and frequently receives referrals from family and friends of satisfied patients. She is recognized nationally as one of the top Hearing Care Practitioners for Beltone year after year. Susan is consistently identified by those with whom she helps as having a personal interest in improving their overall quality of life.

Before joining Beltone, Susan has always been involved in helping people improve their lives. She is known to have spent countless hours volunteering to help children improve academically and socially. Susan also guided women of domestic violence as a Victim Advocate in the legal system for First Step. She learned many lessons from her volunteer work by building relationships, giving others personal value and improving countless lives on a daily basis.

Upon graduation from Western Michigan University, Susan received a Bachelor of Science degree. She is a state licensed Hearing Care Practitioner and is a member of IHS, International Hearing Society.

Susan enjoys spending time with her husband Dave, and daughters Gabrielle and Alyssa. On the weekends, she can be seen boating, golfing, traveling, working out and watching MSU athletics. She grew up with a twin sister and three brothers and is described by family as having a genuine concern and compassion for people. Susan laughs often, enjoys life, and is a bit competitive.

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Beltone Patient Testimonials

Beltone patients review their experiences with Beltone's people, hearing aids, hearing care and service. Click on a video story below to learn about how their lives have changed with Beltone hearing aids.

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