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If you're looking for the best in hearing care, we invite you to discover the Beltone Difference. It starts by making sure hearing trouble is actually hearing loss – many times it's not. If it is, you can try the tiniest and most advanced hearing aids you'll find anywhere – right here in the office. Add to that our compassionate hearing care and comprehensive aftercare, and you'll understand why Beltone patients are so satisfied. By choosing Beltone, you're assured a lifetime of individualized attention – for you and your hearing instruments.

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Beltone Testimonials

We believe that Beltone offers the best products and service in the industry. But if you don't believe us, just listen to some of our customers!

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Here at Beltone, we know how important good hearing is to the health and happiness of our patients. Hearing clearly keeps us connected with friends and loved ones, aware of our surroundings, and independent. Also, by keeping the brain properly stimulated, good hearing may lower our risk for Alzheimer's disease, depression and balance issues.

Our mission doesn't stop with finding just the right hearing instrument for each patient we serve. It continues with making sure you're totally comfortable with your hearing instruments in every way. Visit Beltone soon! And join the ranks of the “happily hearing”.

Meet Our Staff

H. William Mattingly


Beltone Hearing Aid Center has been serving the Tristate hearing impaired since May 15th of 1962. Mr. Mattingly has seen hearing aid technology evolve from simple amplifiers, the size of a pack of playing cards, to digital hearing aids smaller than the size of a dime that can "learn" the habits of it's wearer and are invisible to the naked eye. Mr. Mattingly is so passionate about the hearing aid business and cares deeply about each patient that comes through the door, he still remembers his first patient in 1962 and cherishes their joy of hearing the beautiful sounds of life that they had been missing until they purchased their hearing aids. Mr. Mattingly's love for the hearing aid industry has been passed to his daughter and current owner, Marsha Mattingly who began learning the business in 1977.

Marsha Mattingly

President and Hearing Care Specialist

Marsha Mattingly has been servicing the hearing impaired since 1977. She began her career as a Hearing Care Practitioner, became a Partner of Beltone Hearing Aid Center in 1987 and sole Owner in 2000. Helen Keller once noted that of all of her impairments, she was perhaps troubled most by her lack of speech and hearing. She elaborated, that while blindness separated her from things, her lack of speech and hearing separated her from people-the human connection of communication. The National Institute on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders reports an estimated 28 million Americans have a hearing loss that can be treated; yet fewer than 7,000,000 use a hearing aid. Miss Mattingly has dedicated her life to changing these statistics. From the sweet lullaby of a songbird, to the whispered “I love you”. It is Miss Mattingly’s passion to help those with a hearing loss hear the way they should. With genuine sincerity Miss Mattingly says, “One simple test can change your life."


Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

ROBERT BLACK BCHIS is a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. He currently provides care for our patients in Portsmouth, OH, Jackson, OH, and West Union, OH areas. Roberts genuine care for his patients and their hearing needs continues to make him a leader in the hearing care industry. His wish for every patient is that they could have normal hearing and knows that with Beltone Hearing Aids it is not a possibility but a reality.

Greg Blevins BCHIS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Greg Blevins BCHIS has been serving our patients in the Ashland, KY, Grayson, KY, and Ironton, OH areas. Greg is a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. He prides himself in helping the hearing impaired because he sees the change good hearing can make in someones life. "It's like turning a light on, the expression on someone’s face when they hear a family member again for the first time in many years is priceless." His wish for every patient is "if someone has problems with their hearing, that they know they can trust that Beltone is the place to turn to for help."



BENJAMIN FERGUSON, HEARING CARE SPECIALIST cares for our Frankfort, KY, Lexington, KY and surrounding area patients. Growing up in a Hearing Care family, Benjamin knows the importance of taking care of your hearing and enjoys seeing his patients hear the way they should. His wish for every patient is to experience how Beltone can make a lasting difference in their lives.



BRAD FERGUSON, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST proudly serves our Beltone patients in the Lousia, KY, Pikeville, KY and Paintsville, KY areas. Brad's passion to help the hearing impaired began with his grandfather, Mr. H. William Mattingly and continues to grow with each and every patient he sees. Brad's wish for his patients is to know that just as you take care of the rest of your senses to not forget your hearing, for it is a true connection with life.



REGINA HALL, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST, serves our patients in our Buckhannon, WV, Elkins, WV, Summersville, WV, and Sutton, WV locations. She is dedicated to giving the upmost care and wants to ensure that every patient recieves the help they need in order to better their everyday lifes. Regina knows that the gift of hearing is one of the most important things you are given in life and she wants to make sure to help you do something before it's too late.



WILLIAM M. HUNT, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST, services our patients in the Cambridge, OH, Coshocton, OH, and Zanesville, OH areas. He has had a hearing impairment for most of his life. He truly understands the problems of not being able to communicate with the people around him. Because of his own life experience and the world that Beltone Hearing Aids has opened up for him, Mike has dedicated his life to serving the hearing impaired so that others can enjoy the world around them too. His wish for his patients is to maximize, through the use of technology and experience, their ability to hear and understand their family and friends.



TIFFANY JENKINS, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST, cares for our patients in the Huntington, WV, Princeton, WV, Richlands, VA, Tazewell, VA areas. She believes a hearing loss doesn't have to slow you down or keep you from enjoying the things you like to do. Her wish for her patients is to know that Beltone's advanced digital technology makes wearing hearing aids easy, inconspicuous and more comfortable than ever before.



CHRIS MEADOWS, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST, services patients in Caldwell, OH, Marietta, OH, Grantsville, WV, Parkersburg, WV, and Riply, WV. He believes in serving others. As a hearing care professional Chris strives to get you back what you could be missing. Whether it would be sounds while hunting or the voice of a grandchild, Chris will work with you in order to restore your ability to hear in all frequencies. Don't let anything keep you from being your best you.



BRENDA PLUMMER, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST, services patients in GEORGETOWN, KY. She believes in helping others when they need it most, especially when it comes to their hearing health. As a hearing care professional Brenda will work with you every step of the way to get your everyday life back on track. Don't let anything keep you from being your best.



ANDREW SCHAFFER, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST has serves our patients in Gallipolis, OH and Williamson, WV. Andrew knows if you have a hearing loss you don't have to resign yourself to missing out. Andrew's wish for his patients is to experience even the little sounds of life-the crunch of leaves underfoot, the patter of rain, a child's voice, or the song of birds chirping because a Beltone Hearing Instrument can make a big difference in the little pleasures of life.



MATT SCHAFFER, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST, Matt services the Hamlin, WV, Morehead, KY, Prestonsburg, KY, and Winchester, KY communities. Matt understands that hearing is one of the things many people don't treasure until it's gone. His wish for every patient is to catch the loss of hearing early on before it becomes detrimental to everyday life.



ROB SHILOT, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST, Rob proudly serves the Chapmanville, WV, Danville, KY, and Morehead, KY communities. Rob understands the true gift of hearing and appreciates the little things in life, like listening to the water run in the streams while the birds chirp overhead. His wish for every patient is to be able to hear as well as they potentially can with the best hearing aids available!



KIMBERLY A SMITH, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST, Kim proudly services her patients in Chillicothe, OH, Lawrenceburg, KY, and Richmond, KY areas. Kimberly, performs thorough testing to determine the type and severity of a patients hearing impairment. Through assessments, she determines the best fit and dispenses the most beneficial Beltone hearing aid. Her wish for her patients is to know if you have a hearing loss, your life can be significantly improved by wearing hearing aids. Beltone offers a wide selection of state of the art hearing instruments, and can be easily tailored to your lifetstyle and individual needs.



SARA SWANN, LICENSED HEARING CARE SPECIALIST, Sara proundly serves her community in Charleston, WV and Teays Valley, WV. Sara understands the true gift of hearing on a personal level; "My aunt was completely deaf and could not use hearing aids... If I can have the privilege of correcting a hearing loss. I can give someone a piece of their life back. Not being able to hear is devastating." Her wish for every patient is to be able to hear as well as they potentially can with the best hearing aids available... Beltone!

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Beltone patients review their experiences with Beltone's people, hearing aids, hearing care and service. Click on a video story below to learn about how their lives have changed with Beltone hearing aids.

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