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If you're looking for the best in hearing care, we invite you to discover the Beltone Difference. It starts by making sure hearing trouble is actually hearing loss – many times it's not. If it is, you can try the tiniest and most advanced hearing aids you'll find anywhere – right here in the office. Add to that our compassionate hearing care and comprehensive aftercare, and you'll understand why Beltone patients are so satisfied. By choosing Beltone, you're assured a lifetime of individualized attention – for you and your hearing instruments.

Welcome to our local offices in Northeast Alabama.

We serve Huntsville, Albertville and Scottsboro.

However, Beltone has over 1700 centers across the world, it is easy to find a location close to you.

Feeling a bit anxious is common amongst individuals who have begun
to notice signs of hearing loss. We invite you to browse through our
website where you will find answers to your questions and concerns about hearing loss.

It is also an excellent place to find out exactly what takes place during a hearing
evaluation. Although choosing the right hearing aid technology and fit may seem
overwhelming, it is important to note that specific hearing aids are designed to
treat different types of hearing loss. Your Beltone Hearing Care Professional
will be able to let you know which device is best suited to your type of hearing
and lifestyle. If you suspect you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss,
there are certain signs to watch for. The following warning signs can indicate
hearing loss when they are either ongoing, or, are experienced in some
combination with one another.

  • People complain you are speaking too loudly
  • People seem to mumble more than ever before
  • You find it difficult to hear properly with your back to a speaker
  • You hear ringing in your ears
  • It is getting harder to have a conversation on the telephone
  • You find yourself constantly asking people to repeat themselves
  • Although you can hear conversation, it is difficult to understand all the
  • Your family gets upset because you are constantly turning the volume up on
    the TV or radio
  • You find it hard to carry on a conversation in large groups or in noisy
  • You no longer hear common everyday noises within your home, such as the
    doorbell, oven timer, etc. Click this link for an online hearing test: http://www.beltonehearingtest.com/?id=27

Start by calling 256 722-5299 for a state-of-the-art hearing evaluation. Our screenings are always free. Or, simply click here to make an appointment. All of us here at WATSON INC. look forward to showing you how easy it can be to love your hearing!

Beltone Testimonials

We believe that Beltone offers the best products and service in the industry. But if you don't believe us, just listen to some of our customers!

Your Local Beltone Hearing Aid Center | watson inc., Huntsville, AL 35805

Call us at 256 722-5299 today!

Here at Beltone, we know how important good hearing is to the health and happiness of our patients. Hearing clearly keeps us connected with friends and loved ones, aware of our surroundings, and independent. Also, by keeping the brain properly stimulated, good hearing may lower our risk for Alzheimer's disease, depression and balance issues.

Our mission doesn't stop with finding just the right hearing instrument for each patient we serve. It continues with making sure you're totally comfortable with your hearing instruments in every way. Visit Beltone soon! And join the ranks of the “happily hearing”.

Meet Our Staff

Zachary Watson

NBC-HIS, President

Zach has worked with Beltone since 2002. In 2007 he became the owner of Beltone territory in Madison and Jackson County, and in 2014 opened a new office in Marshall County. He now sees patients in Huntsville, Albertville and Scottsboro.

Zach continues his hearing care education daily. He always strives to provide above average care for his patients.

He is licensed by the state of Alabama as a hearing aid specialist, as well as a member of the National Board of Certification.

Zach lives in Madison, Alabama with his wife, and 2 children.

On a side note, Zach will see patients after hours and on weekends in the office or their home.

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Free Hearing Evaluation


• Comprehensive lifestyle assessment
• State-of-the-art video ear exam
• Tests to measure response to sounds and spoken words
• Personal consultation

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Beltone Patient Testimonials

Beltone patients review their experiences with Beltone's people, hearing aids, hearing care and service. Click on a video story below to learn about how their lives have changed with Beltone hearing aids.

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