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Beltone Hearing Aid Center


Treating hearing loss involves more than purchasing a pair of hearing aids. It's an extremely personal matter that can affect different people in different ways. For more than 70 years, Beltone has been helping people understand the importance of getting the right information about hearing health. We also show you how to recognize the warning signs of hearing loss, and how to find the best treatments available should you be diagnosed with hearing loss. Even though many patients have hearing loss, everyone's needs are individual. With Beltone's proprietary Solus fitting software, your hearing instruments are programmed to meet your specific hearing loss and lifestyle needs. Working closely with your Beltone Hearing Care Practitioner throughout the entire hearing assessment process, Solus is designed to help both you and your Practitioner make important decisions such as:

  • Which environmental programs are recommended for your lifestyle
  • Which Beltone hearing aids best address your overall needs
  • How to adjust your hearing aids according to your type and degree of hearing loss

All Beltone hearing aids are included in our exclusive BelCare™ program that ensures patients a lifetime of follow-up care at any one of our Beltone Hearing Aid Centers. Once you have purchased Beltone hearing aids, our BelCare promise includes benefits such as:

  • Annual hearing evaluations to meet your hearing care needs over time
  • Personal counseling and follow-up care for worry-free adjustments
  • Lifetime care that covers all cleanings and adjustments for as long as you own your Beltone hearing aids
  • Access to any one of our more that 1500 Beltone locations nationwide
  • Patient care and satisfaction is one of Beltone's highest priorities. The latest in hearing aid technology is present in all our hearing instruments and are designed to fit virtually all types and degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

    We invite you to explore our website for valuable information and advice on hearing healthcare, along with the many products and services we offer to help you with all your hearing care needs. Our professional and highly knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of your hearing health. Should your hearing assessment indicate that you have no hearing loss, we will be the first to let you know. In cases where diagnosed hearing loss is temporary and must be treated by a physician, we will help with referrals.

    If you, or any one close to you, is experiencing hearing loss, we would encourage you to contact your nearest Beltone Hearing Aid Center to schedule a free, comprehensive hearing assessment. Remember, hearing loss does not go away, and undiagnosed hearing loss can cause further damage to your hearing and negatively affect your quality of life.