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Beltone has been helping people hear better since 1940. By introducing advanced hearing technology, and by focusing on the needs of each and every patient that visits one of our Hearing Aid Centers, we've become the most trusted brand in hearing care. Our unwavering commitment to providing an outstanding patient experience has led to Beltone's recognition as a leader in the hearing care industry, with a 95% patient–satisfaction rating. All hearing assessments are conducted by highly trained and professional Hearing Care Practitioners, using the latest state–of–the–art testing equipment and procedures. We encourage all patients to take an active role in their hearing health care. We can help by answering any questions you may have, and by making sure you understand every step of your hearing screening and results.

If your personal audiogram indicates that you have a temporary hearing loss that may be treated by a physician, we will let you know, and, if necessary, help you find the appropriate follow–up care. There are a number of factors that can lead to temporary hearing loss. Most can be successfully treated medically. This type of hearing loss is known as

Conductive Hearing Loss

. Its causes can include:

  • Infections
  • Excess wax
  • Fluid build–up
  • Punctured eardrum

If, on the other hand, permanent hearing loss is diagnosed, your Beltone Hearing Care Professional will explain in detail the severity of the loss you have, along with, the specific hearing aids that are recommended for treatment. This type of hearing loss is referred to as Sensorineural Hearing Loss and accounts for approximately 90% of all hearing loss in adults.Sensorineural Hearing Loss is typically caused by prolonged exposure to noise, the aging process, or both. In the vast majority of cases, it is treated with hearing aids. In cases where a patient is diagnosed with both Sensorineural and Conductive Hearing Loss, it is known as Mixed Hearing Loss.

If you suspect that you, or someone you care about, is experiencing hearing loss to any degree, we would encourage you to contact any one of our Beltone Hearing Aid Centers to schedule a free, comprehensive hearing evaluation. If it is a spouse, family member, or close friend that is suffering from hearing loss, and they are apprehensive about scheduling an appointment, it often helps to attend their first appointment with them. It is also helpful to try to help them understand that their hearing loss will not simply go away over time, and that delaying treatment can cause further damage to their hearing.

Take a few minutes to browse through our website for important information on all aspects of hearing health care, as well as, how to recognize the signs of hearing loss. You will also find valuable advice on DOs and DON'Ts when someone close to you is showing signs of hearing loss.