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Beltone Hearing Aid Center

New York

Beltone has been helping people take care of their hearing for more than 70 years, and we're proud to be recognized as a world leader in the hearing care industry. Education, through local community initiatives, has been an integral part of Beltone Hearing Aid Centers throughout New York. We believe that with the right information about how to recognize the signs of hearing loss, and how to care for your hearing health, we can all make better decisions on this important part of our overall health. All too often, people who are experiencing a loss in hearing are either hesitant to admit it, or feel that they can “get by” Unfortunately, undiagnosed hearing loss can affect all aspects of one's life, causing in time, a feeling of isolation and even depression. Further, undiagnosed hearing loss can worsen more quickly than if it were diagnosed and treated.

By offering free, fun and informative seminars on various topics related to hearing health, we believe that more individuals will understand the enormous benefits that can be gained by hearing the world around them once again. All seminars are conducted by highly trained, Beltone Hearing Care Professionals who routinely visit nursing homes, senior centers, assisted living facilities, etc. All such seminars are free of charge. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Different types of hearing loss
  • Common warning signs of hearing loss
  • New technologies in hearing aids
  • Proper care and maintenance of hearing aids
  • History of hearing aids
  • Treatment Options for hearing loss

As part of our ongoing commitment to our local communities, most Beltone offices are able to visit your facility and provide cleanings and servicing for residents with hearing aids. Simply contact your nearest New York Beltone office to find out which services they can provide to your community organization.

Taking charge of your hearing health, and understanding available treatments, is everyone's right. At Beltone, we take the time to explain exactly what is involved in a hearing assessment, and encourage all patients to ask questions regarding any aspect of their hearing. If your personal hearing assessment indicates hearing loss, your Hearing Care Practitioner will let you know the type and severity of hearing loss you have. They will then show you which specific hearing aids are recommended for your particular needs, lifestyle and budget.

Our website is designed to give you the most up–to–date information on all aspects of hearing health, including how to care for your hearing, the different types of hearing loss, as well as, the services and hearing aids that Beltone offers. Digital technology has come a long way in recent years. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how small and light hearing aids are today. Advancements also make possible incredibly natural sound. We encourage you to contact your nearest Beltone office and take the first step on the path to better hearing.