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Most adults understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and take steps to ensure they get enough exercise, eat the right foods, and visit their family doctor, dentist and optometrist every year. We realize these things are necessary if we want to continue being active, playing with our children and grandchildren, socializing with friends, etc. However, one of the things that we don't often think about is the vital role that our hearing health plays in our ability to participate in these types of social activities. In the majority of people, hearing loss is barely detectible in its earliest stages, and typically goes undiagnosed for years before one seeks any kind of treatment. In many adults, there is a high degree of apprehension when it comes to admitting to a loss of hearing until the negative impact on them and the people close to them has escalated significantly. Beltone has been helping individuals care for their hearing health for more than 70 years and we understand the anxiety that can hold people back from having their hearing tested. All Beltone Hearing Care Professionals are highly trained. Our offices provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere where clients feel comfortable asking any questions they have regarding their hearing health.

As an established leader in the hearing care industry, we pride ourselves on providing superior patient care through:

  • State–of–the–art hearing assessment procedures and equipment
  • Only the highest quality in hearing devices and digital technology
  • A lifetime of aftercare through our comprehensive BelCare™ Service Plan
  • More than 1500 Beltone offices nationwide

We believe that having the right information about different types of hearing loss, available treatments, common warning signs, and valuable tips on how to protect your hearing, will make individuals more likely to seek help if they suspect a loss of hearing. Although hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors, and can happen at any age, it is highly recommended that anyone 50 years of age or older have their hearing assessed as part of their overall health routine. We invite you to call or visit our office to schedule a free comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine whether or not you have any hearing loss. Your Beltone Hearing Care Practitioner will be happy to let you know if no hearing loss is detected, or if your hearing loss may be temporary and caused by a medical condition that can be treated by your family physician.

In the event that you are diagnosed with hearing loss that can be treated with hearing aids, we will explain which devices are recommended for your specific type and degree of hearing loss. Beltone carries a wide range of hearing aids that will accommodate most hearing losses, lifestyles and budgets. We invite you to browse through our website for valuable information on all aspects of hearing health, as well as, the products and services that Beltone offers in an effort to provide you with a lifetime of optimal hearing. If you suspect that you, or someone you care about, is suffering from hearing loss, we would encourage you to schedule your free hearing evaluation by calling our office. To find you closest Beltone in Nevada, use the locator at the top of this page.