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When hearing loss occurs, many people are reluctant to openly admit they are having trouble hearing, and will often resist getting help. It is often a spouse, family member, close friend or even a co-worker who may be the first to call attention to the subject. However, without a professional hearing test, it is impossible to determine whether your hearing loss is permanent, or the result of an underlying medical condition which can be treated by a physician. The professional Hearing Care Practitioners at Beltone understand the importance of having a hearing test performed, as well as the anxiety that can surround a hearing screening. All Beltone offices provide a comfortable, relaxed environment where the staff will explain what is involved in a hearing test, and answer any questions you may have regarding hearing health and hearing care.

If you suspect that someone you care about is suffering from hearing loss, it is important to learn some of the common warning signs. Some of the warning signs to watch for include:

  • The person speaks too loudly
  • They complain that people are mumbling
  • They have trouble hearing a speaker when their back is turned
  • They notice a ringing in their ears
  • Telephone conversations are difficult
  • They are constantly asking people to repeat themselves
  • While they may hear you, they have trouble understanding many of the words in a conversation
  • The volume on the TV or radio is too loud
  • Conversation in large groups or crowds is challenging
  • They no longer hear common household sounds like the doorbell, oven timer or dripping faucet

If any of these signs, either alone or in combination, seem to be occurring more frequently, hearing loss may be indicated. A simple, comprehensive hearing test will determine whether or not any hearing loss is present, and if so, the type and degree of the loss. Below are key steps that you should, and should not, take to help a person seek the help they need:

  • DO let them know that hearing loss will not get better or go away on its own
  • DO explain how their loss of hearing is affecting your relationship
  • DO gently encourage them to schedule a hearing evaluation
  • DO let them know that delaying a hearing test can result in further damage to their hearing
  • DO offer to go with them to their hearing test appointment
  • DON'T field phone conversations for them, or act as their messenger
  • DON'T repeat yourself
  • DON'T translate conversations between them and other people
  • ,
  • DON'T raise your voice

Understanding the warning signs of hearing loss, and following these tips, can go a long way in encouraging someone you care about to have their hearing tested. Beltone offers free, comprehensive hearing assessments that are performed by highly trained Hearing Care Practitioners. If hearing loss is indicated, your Beltone hearing professional will recommend the hearing aids appropriate for you, your lifestyle and your budget.