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Beltone Hearing Aid Centers have been helping people care for their hearing health for over 70 years. Having the right information about hearing loss and hearing care is important to your overall health. While some causes of hearing loss are unavoidable, such as the natural aging process, others are definitely preventable. There are a number of things that we can all do to protect our hearing from social and environmental factors, as well as, prevent the progression of age–related hearing loss. Once you understand where the risk factors lie, it is easier to take care of your hearing health.

  • Recreational Risks

    – Activities such as prolonged exposure to loud music, hunting and snow-mobiling can, over time, cause cumulative damage to your ears. Wearing proper ear protection and taking frequent breaks can significantly lessen the effect. Lowering the volume of music will also help prevent damage to your hearing.
  • Protection

    – Certain types of earplugs and headphones can protect your ears from excessive noise by bringing sound down to safe levels.
  • Hearing Test

    – Having your hearing tested regularly can detect hearing loss at its earliest stages. This is especially important if you work in a noisy environment, or are age 50 or over. By treating hearing loss early, you can preserve good hearing longer.

Sound is measured in decibels, and the examples below give you an idea of which sounds may put you at risk for hearing loss.

Decibel Level Sound

Safe Range

  • 30 Whisper
  • 60 Normal conversation
  • 70 Washing machine

Risk Range

  • 85 – 90 Hair dryer, heavy city traffic, power lawn mower
  • 95 Motorcycle
  • 100 Hand drill, snow-mobile
  • 110 Typical rock concert, chain saw

Injury Range

  • 120 Ambulance siren
  • 140 Jet engine taking off
  • 165 Blast from a 12–gauge shotgun
  • 180 Rocket being launched

It is also important to note that sounds within the decibel ranges of 90 or over have a maximum number of hours of safe exposure without proper hearing protection. For example, a 90 decibel level sound has a rate of 8 hours, while sounds at 115 decibels would be 15 minutes or less.

Learning the early signs of hearing loss can go a long way in preventing further damage to your hearing. Some of these include:

  • Speech and other sounds have a “muffled” quality to them
  • It's hard to understand conversation in noisy environments or in crowds
  • You ask people to speak more clearly, loudly and slowly
  • You turn the volume up on the TV or radio

Understanding the facts surrounding hearing loss, and the ways we can protect our hearing, can help us avoid the negative impact that hearing loss has on quality of life and overall health. The professional Hearing Care Professionals at Beltone are committed to providing all their clients with comprehensive hearing evaluations, and the latest in hearing aid technology, should hearing aids be needed. If you suspect that you, or someone close to you, is experiencing hearing loss, we urge you to contact any one of our Beltone offices to schedule a free hearing evaluation.