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Beltone Hearing Aid Center


Since 1940, Beltone Hearing Aid Centers have been dedicated to helping those with hearing loss by providing the highest quality hearing aids, comprehensive hearing evaluations, and superior patient care. While your hearing assessment and the fitting of hearing aids (if hearing loss is indicated) are integral steps on the path to better hearing, a lifetime of after–care is essential for optimal hearing health. That's why Beltone offers BelCare™ , an exclusive after–care program. Hearing needs change over time, and hearing aids require servicing, minor adjustments, and cleaning. With more than 1500 Beltone Hearing Aid Centers throughout North America, we are able to meet the needs of all our patients, wherever and whenever they need us.

Hearing loss is extremely personal, and needs will vary. Beltone's unique AVE™ (audio verification environment) system will allow you experience sounds you are exposed to during daily life, such as conversations, birds, rainfall, etc., while wearing your new hearing aids. Beltone AVE also has a Hearing Loss Simulator, which recreates your specific type and degree of hearing loss, allowing others to understand the challenges you face because of hearing loss.

Along with Beltone's comprehensive hearing evaluation, we offer the most advanced hearing aids on the market today. They accommodate most types of hearing loss, as well as, virtually every lifestyle and budget. Hearing aid technology has seen tremendous advances in both style and digital circuitry. Many of today's hearing aids are designed to be virtually invisible, and provide clear, natural sound that seamlessly adapts to a variety of environments as you move through your day. The type of hearing aids recommended for you will depend on your hearing loss and lifestyle. If it has been determined that hearing aids are the appropriate treatment for you, your Beltone Hearing Care Professional will be able to show you which technology is best. In most cases, loss of hearing occurs gradually, and can go unnoticed for long periods. For this reason, it is extremely important to have your hearing tested regularly.

Knowing the warning signs of hearing loss will enable you to detect hearing loss sooner. Browse through our website for important facts about hearing health, and tips on how to protect it. If you feel that you, or someone close to you, is experiencing any loss of hearing, contact your nearest Beltone office to arrange a complimentary hearing evaluation. Our professional Hearing Care Practitioners will explain what you can expect when you arrive for your initial visit. They understand the anxiety that people can feel about hearing loss, and they provide a relaxed, caring environment where you can feel comfortable and confident about the care you receive.