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Beltone Hearing Aid Center


The number one priority of Beltone Hearing Aid Centers in Massachusetts is to help patients clearly hear the world around them. If you, or someone you care about, could be experiencing hearing loss, understanding your hearing health can help you make informed decisions. Our website will help you understand how to care for your hearing, identify warning signs of hearing loss, and what to do if you suspect a hearing loss. It will also provide information about the services and products Beltone Hearing Aid Centers offer.

As a global leader in the hearing care industry, Beltone prides itself on providing the latest in hearing aid technology. Beltone offers a wide variety of styles and circuitry to accommodate most types of hearing loss, as well as, most lifestyles and budgets. Our comprehensive hearing assessment will determine if hearing loss is present, and if hearing aids are right for you. If your hearing loss is treatable with hearing aids, your Hearing Care Professional will advise you on which devices are best suited to your particular situation.

All hearing aids are designed with one goal in mind—to help you hear clear, natural sound. But hearing instruments are built to perform differently, depending on many factors. The overall appearance of hearing aids is determined by the shell or casing, and is available in three main styles. An in–the–ear, or ITE hearing aid, is custom–made to fit into the outer part of the ear. A behind–the–ear (BTE) hearing aid is designed to fit behind the ear, with a thin transparent tube that connects the casing to an ear–dome that sits in your ear canal. A receiver–in–the–ear, or RIE hearing aid, is virtually invisible, and rests naturally in the curve of the ear and in your ear canal. Modern digital technology allows hearing aids to be much smaller, while providing unprecedented sound quality. These advanced devices now feature “high definition” or “directional” hearing capabilities. With the integration of two microphones and special algorithms, Beltone's state–of–the–art hearing aids are able to enhance sound coming from in front of a person (as in someone talking to you), while reducing sound from behind (such as background noise). With features such as multiple channels, automatic volume control, speech pattern detection, feedback elimination and more, patients with hearing loss can experience a more natural sounding environment.

If you, or a loved one, is experiencing hearing loss, we encourage you to call or visit your closest Beltone Hearing Care Center. One of our Hearing Care Practitioners will explain what you can expect from a hearing assessment, and how we can help you enjoy sounds around you once again.