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Beltone Hearing Aid Center


It is extremely common to feel apprehensive about having your hearing tested, even if your hearing has begun to negatively impact your quality of life. It might help you to know that hearing loss, to one degree or another, affects more than 34 million Americans, and transcends all age groups. It can also be comforting to know that most loss of hearing can be treated medically, or with hearing aids. Through a comprehensive and free hearing evaluation, the experienced and caring Hearing Care Professionals at Beltone will help determine if you indeed have hearing loss. If a hearing assessment determines that no hearing loss is present, we will let you know!

Because hearing loss tends to happen gradually, it can go undetected for quite some time. However, as it progresses, many individuals find themselves slowly withdrawing from the social, business or family activities they previously enjoyed. It is also important to understand that hearing loss not only affects you, but will eventually begin to negatively affect the people that you interact with regularly, particularly family members. Just as it is important to have regular physical, dental and vision checkups, having annual hearing tests should be a normal part of our overall health routine. There are a number of common warning signs that may indicate the start of hearing loss. If you are experiencing one or more of the following signs, a hearing assessment should be scheduled right away.

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Although you can hear people speak, you are not able to understand all the words being spoken
  • Conversation in groups is increasingly difficult
  • People seem to be mumbling more than ever
  • You are constantly getting complaints about playing the radio or TV too loudly
  • People tell you that you are speaking too loudly
  • You find yourself asking people to repeat themselves
  • It is difficult to hear with your back to a speaker
  • Telephone conversations are becoming more difficult
  • You no longer hear everyday sounds such as the doorbell or birds singing

Although it may be difficult to admit you are having trouble hearing, early diagnosis is crucial to help prevent further damage to your hearing. Depending on the type and degree of hearing loss you have, the highly experienced and knowledgeable Hearing Care Practitioners at Beltone will be able to recommend the hearing aids that are most suited to your lifestyle and hearing care needs. Beltone hearing aids are renowned for employing the latest in digital hearing aid technology, as well as for their cosmetic appeal. Whatever style and model of hearing aids you choose from your recommended selection, you can be confident that Beltone will provide you with superior, lifetime service through their exclusive BelCare™ program. Clients may visit any one of Beltone's more than 1500 North American locations for all their servicing or hearing care needs. Scheduling an appointment for a free hearing evaluation at one of our Indiana Beltone offices is as easy as calling your local office, or simply filling out an Appointment Request on our website, www.beltone.com. We also invite you to browse through our site for helpful information about hearing aids and hearing loss.