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Beltone Hearing Aid Center


There are 34 million adults in the United States suffering from hearing loss, with three million residing in Florida alone. Public education on the causes and solutions available for those with hearing loss is essential. One of the first challenges that must be conquered is the notion that hearing loss is a personal failing. In order to help those affected by hearing loss, this stigma must be overcome. Family doctors can explain just how common age-related hearing loss is, and recommend that their patients see a professional at the local Beltone Hearing Aid Center. Your Beltone Hearing Care Practitioner will assess the degree and type of hearing loss you may have, as well as alleviate any fears and concerns. It is important to understand the different types of hearing loss, the causes of hearing loss, and the ways that you can prevent further deterioration. Your hearing care practitioner will be able to tell you if your hearing loss can be medically treated. The specific part of the auditory system that has been affected will determine which category a person's hearing loss falls into. These categories are:

  • Sensorineural

    : damage to the inner ear which prevents transmission of signals to the brain. This type of hearing loss is most commonly associated with aging.
  • Conductive

    : affects the middle or outer ear and prevents sound from reaching the inner ear. Conductive hearing loss is often medically treatable.
  • Mixed

    : an individual suffers from both Sensorineural and Conductive hearing loss

If you are a friend or family member, you may be the first to notice signs of hearing loss in a loved one. It is often difficult for a person to admit they are having a problem, which makes it important to understand specific things that you should and should not do in such situations.

You should:

  • Let them know how you may be affected by their hearing loss
  • Make sure they understand that this is a condition that will not go away
  • Encourage the person to have their hearing tested at a hearing clinic
  • Offer to go with them to their appointment

You should not:

  • Repeat conversations for them in social situations
  • Speak in a louder-than-normal voice or turn up the radio or TV
  • Intercept phone calls for them in order to relay messages

Since hearing loss is often a gradual development, many people do not even realize they have it. By being supportive and not acting as their “translator”, people experiencing hearing loss are more likely to seek help from their local hearing aid center and hearing aid professional.

If you, or someone close to you, is experiencing hearing loss, contact one of the 100+ Beltone Hearing Aid Centers in Florida to schedule a personal hearing assessment. The Hearing Care Professionals understand the anxiety patients feel when they first arrive, and are committed to making all patients feel comfortable. Once your hearing test is complete, and if you need hearing aids, your Beltone professional will be able to recommend the hearing aids that are best suited to your needs, lifestyle, and budget.