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Hearing loss affects more than 35 million people throughout the U.S. Even with numbers this staggering, many adults are still apprehensive about getting help until they are no longer able to go about their daily routines. Individuals often experience profound negative effects in many aspects of their lives, due to their inability to hear and understand what is going on around them. Yet, the fact is that most people with hearing loss can be helped, and are able to resume virtually all their previous activities once they have been fitted with the appropriate hearing aid. The advancements that have taken place in hearing technology can even help people who have been diagnosed with “nerve deafness”. In many cases, it is a family member, close friend or co-worker who is the first to notice deterioration in an individual's ability to hear properly.

Getting help at the first signs of hearing loss can be a significant factor in preventing further loss of hearing. A simple phone call to your local Beltone Hearing Care Center will begin the process of assessing whether or not you are a candidate for hearing aid devices. You can also book an appointment directly on the website with the Arkansas Beltone hearing test center that is most convenient for you. Their professional hearing care experts will perform a comprehensive hearing assessment and will tell you if you do not need a hearing aid, or if you should seek further medical treatment.

Regular hearing tests, especially for anyone over 50, should be a part of your annual preventative health care routine. There are 10 common warning signs of hearing loss that you can watch for in yourself or in loved ones. These signs include:

  • You hear sounds around you well, but you have difficulty understanding many of the words within a conversation
  • People seem to be mumbling more than ever
  • You avoid telephone conversation because its hard to understand what people are saying
  • You frequently ask people to repeat themselves
  • Your family gets upset about the volume of the TV, or the radio being too loud
  • You no longer hear common everyday household sounds, such as water dripping, or the door bell
  • People complain that you are speaking too loudly
  • Hearing sound from behind you is difficult
  • You experience ringing in the ears
  • Groups or noisy environments make it difficult to understand or carry on normal conversation

If you are experiencing one or more of these signs in your life, you may have hearing loss. Take the time to speak with a Beltone Hearing Care Professional. They can answer all your questions about hearing loss, and hearing aid technology.